Maintenance and Service

GETTLER-RYAN INC. can provide full service maintenance to your facilities fueling system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our normal response time for all emergencies is within four hours of your call. We at GETTLER-RYAN INC. strive to offer the best in customer service.

We are a full service provider which offers assistance in picking the right equipment for your site, installation, start-up and maintenance services. We provide service for a variety of fueling systems, electrical, plumbing, facility lighting, restroom equipment, concrete, air and water systems and more.


Service area

Offices are located in Dublin and West Sacramento, providing service throughout Northern California.


Compliance testing

GETTLER-RYAN INC. technicians are trained in numerous compliance testing procedures including (but not limited to) annual monitoring certifications, SB989 testing, vapor recovery testing, line leak detector tests and meter calibration. Designated Operator Services are also available.



GETTLER-RYAN INC. has factory trained technicians in a variety of fueling, point-of sale, and monitoring systems.

Verifone Authorized Service Company



We warehouse a variety of the most commonly used items in both of our locations and we  maintain fully stocked service vehicles.

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For more information, please contact the Maintenance Department by calling (925) 551-4777.